James Zhai shares his Océ experience

James Zhai
Print Systems Engineer

I did it!

James has been in the Océ Display Graphics Systems organization in Vancouver, Canada, since 2007, moving up the career ladder to different levels of responsibility over the years. “My first role within the organization was Production Assembly Technician,” he explains. “And thanks to the Océ Mobility and Development Program, I have been able to change to roles that were more suited to my personal development.”

Motivation and perseverance

James travelled from China to Canada with Bachelor and Master’s degrees under his belt, and with over 10 years’ experience working for a high-tech organization. At Océ, he was eager to pursue various positions within the organization, to find the ideal fit with his experience and knowledge. “I really appreciate the mobility opportunities offered within Océ,” he explains. “They are helping me realize my own personal long-term ambitions.”

Finding a “better fit”

“It’s always possible to find out more about other jobs in the company, and so understand each other’s role better,” according to James. He believes these factors also help improve communication between functions. “And of course there may well be a position out there that better suits your qualifications and skills than the one you now have,”  he adds. “With the help of the organization, it is possible to find roles that are a better fit. Because if you are in the right job, you’re likely to feel energized and do your best to achieve great results.”