Floris Jacobsma shares his Océ experience

Floris Jacobsma

What is your background?

I finished my secondary school (Abitur) in Munich in 2015. While I was still at school I was interested in how companies operate and are organized globally. Through a friend I found out that Océ offers the opportunity of an in-work study course (“dual studies”) in business administration and services marketing. Already at that time I was interested in working for a large, innovative, and international company, so I applied and was accepted.

What are your current responsibilities at Océ?

At the moment I am working in the Marketing Communications department at Océ in Poing, Germany. I am involved here in organizing our trade fair stands, for example. An additional responsibility at the moment is planning a summer party for our employees. I take part in deciding the daily events and make my own contribution to the success of the party. It’s also important to show initiative and to approach my colleagues in order to be able to operate successfully as a team.

What do you particularly enjoy about it?

I like creating something as part of a team and adding value. I also like working with externals. Due to my Dutch heritage I have a good command of Dutch and speak English fluently, which enables me to work in different areas. I enjoy supporting various departments; this has already enabled me to gain insights into the purchasing department and in future I will be able to gain experience of logistics and other departments.

What is your typical working day like?

I can’t do without my morning coffee. Then I check my emails and complete my tasks according to priorities. Then I am busy with my projects and push them forward. I also support my colleagues with their activities.

Why should potential applicants opt for Océ?

Océ is just the ticket for anyone who wants a varied training position in a dynamic company. If you are flexible, open-minded and you show commitment then you have the opportunity here to advance and develop.